Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review:[THE FACE SHOP] Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing

Hello my lovely readers  
Today I'll be reviewing The Face Shop's Acne Solution Foam Cleansing (Yes its written on the packaging "Cleansing" instead of "Cleanser") from the CLEAN FACE line.I have tried a sheet mask from this line and loved it!

Claims : 

Directions & Ingredients : 

My Thoughts:
I bought this cleanser about 4-6 months ago from The Face Shop store at Othaim Mall and I paid 50SR($13) for 150ml.I was walking in the mall when I suddenly saw a HUGE Kim Hyun Joong poster!!! <3 So of course crazy me rushed into the store ,and started putting whatever I Saw in my basket like they were free stuff! But unfortunately I only bought 1/4 of the stuff..and left the store with about $50 worth of products!! 
Anyways what were my thoughts about this product? I have used this product for the past couple of months on and off.It has a thick opaque white color as you can see in the pic below.
when you rub it between your hands it lathers up,but I prefer to use it with my foaming net.With the foaming net I get this soft foam that feels gentle on my skin,and its fun!Since this was my first cleanser from TFS I really wanted to like it,but unfortunately I didn't!!! 

The first time I used it I wasn't sure if I broke out,because of the cleaner or because it was almost that time of the month.So I used it for a month then changed my cleanser and my skin cleared.The Second time I used it I was also unsure,because I started using a new toner and emulsion from skinfood.So again I used it for about a month then switched the cleanser.The third time I realized it was the cleanser that broke me out!! I had about 1/3 of it left TT.TT and I didn't want my money to go to waste so I used it till I finally finished the tube.What I did though was mix it with my Tea Tree Cleanser from The Body Shop,and the result was I still broke out but it was waaaaaaaaay less severe so that's much better!

♥ Nice packaging
♥ Super foamy when used with my foaming net
♥ A little goes a long way

♥ Broke me out like crazy
♥Has a citrus-y smell
♥ Made my skin feel tight after cleansing

Rating:0/5  (-.-")

Would I repurchase this product?
Never ever again! I hated it!!!

Have you tried this cleanser before ?did it also break you out?

Also I'm debating whether to buy Etude House's Baking powder deep pore cleanser or Laneige's multi cleanser? I have heard good things about both,but i can't seem to  decide which to get!

But I won't buy any new cleanser unless I finish using all the cleansers I have which are: 

♥ (2) Collagen by Watson's Moisturizing and Brighting foam cleanser.
♥ Neutrogena deep clean foam cleanser.
♥Limi rose sonnet whitening gel cleanser.
♥The Face Shop Herb day 365 mung beans cleanser.

You can see those cleansers except for the face shop one in my China Haul!

Have you tried any of the cleansers mentioned in the list?

Have a good day~!

-XOXO, ريفان (Refan)


  1. aww.... too bad it's not something good.. but thanks for letting us know!

    1. Yeah sadly I really wanted to like this product but oh well..and you're very welcome <3

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  3. Omg i had severe breakout after using this product! I will never buy it again and sadly, i bought the whole range. However, the rice water cleanser from face shop was good :)

  4. Aww..I'm very sad to hear that too. A lot of people also broke out after using this cleanser!

  5. mine has the same problem as you! pimples keep growing up when i used this product for about a month. i even used the complete set (toner, lotion). *sigh


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