Sunday, July 28, 2013

Review:[NIVEA] Mattifying Toner with Ocean Algae & Hydra IQ for Combination Skin

Sorry for the lack of posts I just havent been in the mood to do anything!Anyways today i'll be reviewing Nivea's daily essentials mattifying toner.I never knew that Nivea had skincare products!

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Claims & How To Use:

My Thoughts:
I bought this toner,because I ran out of my skinfood parsley and mandarin toner~! I liked that it was easy to find and affordable price 26SR! also I was curious, , because I have never seen a "Mattifying toner"It was an okay toner! I liked that it had a matte finish, but it was a little drying to my skin . If you have oily skin then I think that wouldn't be a problem for you.I also like the fact that it didn't break me out! Lately most of the products I have been trying break me out! TT_TT <\3 ! The main reason I didn't love this product is because it has alcohol!  And to make it worst it had more than one type of alcohol! Which made the toner drying to skin.I prefer buying alcohol free products!

♡Afordable ! 200ml for 26SR
♥You can find it EVERYWHERE!
♡Has Hydra Q and Ocean Algae
♥DIDN'T break me out

♡Has alcohol
♥makes my skin feel dry and tight 

Rating: ☆☆

Would I repurchase this product ?
No,because it contains alcohol!

Have you tried any of Nivea's skincare products?  How did you like them?
-XOXO, ريفان(Refan)

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