Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review:[Himalaya Herbals] Purifying Neem Face Wash ♡

I decided to review a product I bought a couple months ago,but I was of course I was too lazy to do so! °-°  The Product I'm reviewing today is one of my HG!

First, have any of you heard of the brand Himalaya Herbals ?

I personally have never heard about it or seen it, ,until I moved to Saudi. I have seen them in every drug store and my aunt and cousin uses their products, and my aunt always raves about how much she likes them. It's an Indian brand they sell skin care, body care, and health care.And it apparently one of the best selling drugstore brands in India!They are famous for using natural ingredients .


This soap-free, mild, all-natural cleanser leaves your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It has Neem and Turmeric, herbs we know and love for their purifying, detoxifying and cleansing properties. Neem, with its antibacterial action fights those nasty pimples and prevents their recurrence. Turmeric is fantastic for wiping out bacteria that causes acne. This dual-combo is great protection against problem skin. It helps clear skin and prevents pimples. [Source]


Neem, Turmeric, Fuller's Earth, Sodium Methyl Paraben IP, Sodium Prophyl Paraben IP, Imidazolidinyl Urea, DMDM Hydantoin. [Source]


Squeeze an adequate amount of this face wash onto your palm. Apply it on your wet face, Rinse off.

Packaging & Consistency:

My Thoughts:
Ever since my Aunt recommend this brand to me .I have been wanting to try the purifying neem face wash ever since then. BUT I didn't want to buy it because I might not like it, and when I was in dubai I found a travel size 50ml. And I love this cleanser for many reasons, but most importantly because I have seen changes in my skin♡.

♧Soap free
♧Purifying herbs (Neem & Turmeric)
♧Comes in 4 sizes (50,100,150,and 200ml)
♧Comes in 2 different packaging a squeezable tube & with a pump
♧Isn't over drying
♧Reduced my pimples
♧Lasts a long time (50ml lasted me 3 months!)

♧The ingredients list is written in Arabic only (I can read it,but for non-arabic speakers it's a con)

Product's performance:☆☆☆☆☆
Overall Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Would I repurchase? 

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dubai Haul:The Face Shop,Daiso,Skinfood,Sephora...and MORE!

I have missed you and blogging!! How have you guys been? I really really really appreciate your patience and support ! Especially since lately I haven't been blogging regularly since I'm a lazy person ! Today's post is finally the long awaited haul!! Just a disclaimer before I start I bought most of the stuff using my own money,but some of the things in the haul were gifts from my relatives,parents,or siblings. without further ado ...

A sneak peek

WARNING: This post is pic heavy!!

(From top left-right,to bottom left-right)

  1. Nivea honey mask $2
  2. Nivea moisture mask $2
  3. TFS(5)Sebum controlling soothing mask $3 each
  4. TFS Bamboo mask $3 
  5. TFS (2) Green Tea mask $3 each
  6. TFS 3D ampoule hyaluronic acid mask $5 
  7. Daiso (4) Collagen mask $1.75
  8. Daiso (4) Q10 mask $1.75
  9. Daiso (2) BB face mask $1.75
  10. Daiso (2) hyaluronic acid mask $1.75
  11. Skinfood peach sake pore essence mask $6.50
  12. Skinfood Ice vita facial mist: I don't remember how much this was,but I'm sure it was over 20Dhs ($5.50)
They were having a sale at TFS buy 3 get 1 on masks and nail polish! so instead of paying $24 I paid $18 for 8 masks! The 3D mask wasn't part of the promo though.

(From top left-right,to bottom left-right)

  1. Kipling Japan key chain: I've been wanting this key chain for over a year,but couldn't bring my self to buy it for 170SR ($45) While I was at Dubai this was part of the clearance section so I got it for 35Dhs ($9.52)!! I originally wanted the one with South Korea,USA,or UK flag,but they didn't have them so I got the one with Japan's flag. (I'm such a bargain hunter)
  2. Claire's Hair bow $5
  3. Claire's Hair comb $5
  4. Bloomingdale's little neon bag key chain:It was around $4~$6 I got 3 one for myself and the other two for my cousins.
  5. Skull Bracelet: I don't know how much it was,because it was a gift from my cousin.
  6. TFS Blotting paper $6
  7. TFS Blemish Zero kit $19
  8. Clean&Clear advantage acne spot treatment $6
  9. (2) OPI nail polishes $13 each
  10. Mitchum power gel deo $6~$8
  11. Nivea natural fairness deo $4
  12. (2) VS Pink body sprays 
  13. VS pink body butter

I got all the 3 items from VS Pink for $45,because they had a promo 3 for $45

(From top left-right,to bottom left-right)

  1. Daiso Spray bottle $1.75
  2. Daiso nail polish remover or toner bottle with a bump! It's just like Etude House's Wonder Pore Freshener's bottle <3 $1.75
  3. Daiso Bottle $1.75
  4. Daiso Silicon Chocolate mold $1.75
  5. Daiso Glue Stick in Chocolate&Strawberry $1.75 Each
  6. Daiso My Melody blotting paper $1.75
  7. Daiso Pink Ribbon $1.75
  8. Daiso Foaming net set $1.75
  9. Daiso Eyelash curler $1.75
  10. The Face Shop Auto Gel Eyeliner in pencil form!! $15
  11. The Face Shop Nail Polishes: Buy 3 get 1 free $3.25 Each
 And the rest of the stuff were freebies from TFS !

and the last 2 items are fold able cardboard boxes from Daiso for $1.75 each

☆Hope you enjoyed my haul and enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review:[L'OREAL]Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Aqua Gel

I'm back with a review!!! I haven't done a review for awhile.Today I'll be reviewing a moisturizer! L'oreal's Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Aqua Gel for combination to oily skin.

As you can see it comes in a glass jar with a white plastic lid.There is a positive and negative side to the design of the packaging.The negative is if your clumsy like me you have to be extra careful with it,and it's heavy.The postive side is it looks fancy!

It has a sea foam green gel consistency when first applied,but when lathered it turns to a transparent water consistency.It's my first time trying a gel type of moisturizer,and it didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would be.I liked this product,but not enough to repurchase it!



My Thoughts:
Overall I liked this product,but like I said before not enough to repurchase it. I was skeptical to try it at first,because a lot of people with combination/oily skin didn't have a great experience with gel type moisturizers.But it turned out to be an okay experience I would defiantly like to try other gel moisturizers in the future.  

♥ Nice packaging
♥Lasts for a couple of months
♥Enriched with hyaluronic acid
♥Mineral spa water

♥Glass jar
♥Can be drying sometimes 
♥Contains alcohol and parabens

Overall rating:3/5

Would I repurchase this product?


☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

What do you think of this review? I'm trying to improve my writing skills and write "good" reviews! Was this any better??????

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quick Update:Life,School,& Moving !

Hey guys so I'm finally back! 
I came back from Dubai,UAE last week and since then I haven't had much free time,because I had to make up for all the days I missed in school and do my missing homework! And remember how in my last update I told you that we were moving? We were supposed to move to Peru ! and we packed our things and then my parents changed their minds and decided to stay in Saudi! and of course we had to unpack all of the boxes and it sure was lots of fun! -.- but overall life has been good! I'll start posting regularly from now on since I'm almost done unpacking... ^.^!! and for those who are waiting for my Dubai haul I'll have that up as soon as possible ,and after that I won't be doing a haul for at least a month :) 

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tips:Toothpaste for acne? Do or Don't?

Have you ever heard of using toothpaste on your pimple? Neither have I until I read it on twitter,and decided to try it out!

It worked for me,but it might not work for all! I bet you're wondering how does it help in curing my pimple? I asked myself the same question so I did some research and here are the benefits of toothpaste!!

  1. Firstly toothpaste works well (for most) as a spot treatment for acne. The triclosan in the toothpaste dries up the oil and kills the bacteria, causing the inflammation of the skin to reduce.
  2. Secondly, the cooling effect of the toothpaste works a little bit like ice and brings down the swelling that is ordinarily the cause of the bump of the zit.
  3. You only need to keep the toothpaste on for 5 minutes to see a difference. It soothes the inflammation and beings down the swelling in a short time.
  4. While you may not be able to find ice, or expensive acne creams everywhere every time, toothpaste for acne is mostly available quite freely.
  5. Lastly, the calcium carbonate in the toothpaste leads to drying up of the pimple. This causes the pore to clear out (relatively) and can keep a zit from appearing there again.
I have been using this method for months now BUT  I recently discovered that it does more harm to your skin then good!

" Toothpaste irritates, burns, causes more breakouts and scars skin. That’s especially true of today’s toothpastes, which have a lot of whitening and bleaching ingredients that are extremely irritating. So save it for your teeth and use a facial cleanser for acne to keep skin clear!"

☆I hope you found this helpful! Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review:[THE FACE SHOP]Mung Beans Foam Cleanser

I'll be doing a quick review on another cleanser from the face shop today,and unlike the " Clean face acne solution" cleanser I liked this one~! 

Description & How To Use:

The tube has a flip cap

The Back


My Thoughts:
I bought this cleanser,because on TFS website it said that this was for "trouble" skin types! It didn't do much for my acne,but it has reduced the blackheads on my nose a lot.I like using this with my foaming net,because it uses less product and makes it all foamy and soft! I have been using this cleanser for over 3 months day and night and I still didn't finish it!

♡Reduces the appearance of blackheads
♡Last a long time (when using a foaming net)
♡Affordable! costs 35SR($9.33) for 170 ml

♡Hard to find 
♡not the best scent (I don't really mind it though)

Would I repurchase this product?

I will be going to Dubai tomorrow so I wont be posting for awhile! If I have time today or tomorrow I'll try to write some posts to post while I'm on vacation.

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Favorites

I feel like august passed by so fast!And school is starting soon TT.TT boohoo </3 any who so this post will be about my favorites for this month!!  


From L to R(top + bottom): 

  1. Sephora outrageous volume mascara
  2. Cover girl bb cream in light to medium
  3. Maybeline baby lips in cherry me
  4. Skin aqua SPF 25PA++
  5. Daiso blotting paper
  6. Cover girl pressed powder in translucent medium
I'll have reviews up on these products soon...

TV show
I have been watching 90201 this month and I really like it.I don't know why I haven't watched it before! I'm still on season 1 though,but I have about 7 more episodes then I'll finish season 1~!

Photo taken from google images

I got to admit I'm not a big fan of Arabic music,but there is one song that I have been playing 24/7 this month and its called " من قلبي بغني" Mn alby baghany which means singing from my heart  in Arabic! This song came out 2012 and I heard it for the first time this month! 

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan)

What's your August favorites?

Friday, August 30, 2013

August Empties

It's the end of the month again! which means its time for my empties!!! Here we go~!

 Mong Leya Cooling Lotion:As I have said before I LOVE this product! I have re-purchesed this product more than 10 times!! 
Rating: 5/5
L'oreal Hydrafresh icy toner:I will have a review for this toner up real soon !
Bioderma sensibio H2O:Like everyone else I LOVED this product!This is my 2nd bottle that I have used up <3 its 2 in 1 toner & make up remover.The only downside to this product is it's price</3
CVS Petroleum Jelly: I have to use this every night on my hands and feet then wear my socks,and when I wake up my hands and feet feel so soft!!

The Face Shop Supreme Cereal Brown Rice: I didn't like how this mask's size is different it was too big for my face unlike the other masks from TFS!
Barry M 3in1 top coat,base coat,and strengthener: Rating 3/5
Revlon lip butter: Rating 3/5

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY: Lip/Body Scrub

Today I'll be doing my first DIY(Do It Yourself),and it's going to be a lip/body scrub~! I have seen lip scrubs at Lush sold for about $10 and it was a tiny pot! So here is a cheap homemade lip scrub.

What you'll need:
☆Olive oil
☆Petroleum jelly AKA Vaseline
☆Empty container

Step 1:
Add 1 table spoon of petroleum jelly in your bowl,and heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds.

Step 2:
Add 2 table spoons of sugar,and 1 table spoon of olive oil.Then mix it all together.

**TIP: you can add lemon for a brighting effect!**

Step 3:
After you're done mixing put it in your container,and keep it in the freezer for 20-30mins. And you're done!!

**WARNING: It will make your bathtub slippery so don't forget to rinse your bathtub after your done!**

Have you ever tried this DIY? How did you like it ?

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

USA Haul (Clothing) PART2

As promised here is part2 ! Which is going to be the clothing part.I didn't buy a lot of clothes so here we go!


all photo credits go to " macy'"

as I said before I didn't buy much I only bought 4 items 3 tank tops and 1 skirt !

Whats you're favorite item in the haul?

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Review:[THE FACE SHOP] Natural Sun Super Perfect Sun Cream SPF50+PA+++

Heeeey <3
Today I'll be reviewing TFS' Natural Sun Super Perfect Sun Cream SPF50+PA+++ !! I haven't done a review for awhile.Before I start let me tell you a little about my skin.

I have combination skin(Oily T-zone and dry around my cheeks),acne prone, sensitive!

A sun cream which is effective in blocking UV rays,protects skin from both UVA and UVB,even in the area of outside camping without greasy feeling.

How To Use:
Get adequate amount and gently spread out

My Thoughts:
I bought this sunscreen,because it has high SPF.I told the SA that I have oily skin and she recommend me this.But sadly I ended up not liking it,because it has a thick cream consistency.Which made my face super oily,stick,and it had a strong sunscreen smell!

It's thicker than this,but because it was in the heat it became a bit watery!

♡High SPF
♡Nice packaging
♡ A little goes a long way

♡50SR ($13) for 50ML
♡ Strong sunscreen smell
♡ zero to very little oil control


Would I repurchase this product?

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August/Dubai Wish list!

The Face Shop
**I'm just listing choices of things I have been eyeing,but of course I WON'T get all of them!**
Jelly apple peeling
Tea Tree cleansing wipes
Green Tea cleansing wipes

Olive Essentials Moisture Toner
Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Serum
Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Facial Butter
Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing eye cream
Facial Mist
Sleeping Pack
Sheet masks

Make up
Face It Magic CoverBB Cream
Face It Radiance Concealer Dual Veil
Aqua UV CC Cream
Lovely Me:ex Petit I Cheek Stick
Lip Tint
Gel pencil eyeliner
Nail polish

Skin Food
Salmon brighting eye cream/serum
Facial ice vita tonic
Steam milk essence mist
Facial ice vita cooling mist

Make up
Red orange sun powder SPF45PA+++
Lip tint
Lip balm
Red orange jelly bb cream
Nail polish

Egg white pore foam
Cappuccino mousse foam
Black sugar cleansing oil
Grape seed oil cleansing cream
Cleansing Tissue

Black sugar mask
Ginsing mask
Daily sheet mask

Hair Care
Argan oil silk hair mask pack
Moisture egg hair pack

Pack brush
Foundation brush
Beauty blender dupe
Nail&eye remover bottle
oil blotting paper

Kinokuniya AKA Book World
Manga magazine
Nail art book
My girlfriend's a geek novel 1&2

Starbucks Dubai Tumbler
Nivea Fairness deodorant 
Witch Hazel Toner
Bioderma 500ml with the pump
Macadamia deep repair masque
Make up forever aqua cream in pearly mauve

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sanrio (Hello Kitty Store) Haul

I went to SANRIO!!!! It's one of my fav stores of all time! I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty.In fact my whole room is Hello Kitty!!<3<3<3 I have been going to Sanrio regulary for the past 2 months and these are the things I got !

Hello Kitty Tea Set 
I have been eyeing this for a couple of months now,and finally decided to buy it!
When I went to check out the guy told me it was 40% off ! so it was 61SR($16.26)!! 
And the SA told me most of the stuff in the store are 40% off even though they didn't have any sign that said they were having a sale! So of course the HK freak I am I ended up buying other stuff

I also got this notebook for my younger sister

and got myself this notebook

it also has 5 clear pockets at the end of the notebook

Contact Lens Case
I started wearing contacts at the begining of July,and I needed a case for my lens.While I was browsing Sanrio I saw this so I had to get it!

Travel Toothbrush Kit

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan)
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