Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boots Haul

Today I'll be doing my Boots Haul,and I'll be doing my Dasio haul tomorrow.I also did my Face Shop Haul yesterday! So check that out.I wasn't planning on buying anything from Boots,but the had buy 3 for the price of 2 on skincare items! I was running low on toner so I decided to try L'oreal'S toner.After I went to check out with 3 diffrent items from 3 diffrent brands.The guy told me if I wanted the deal the 3 items had to be from the same brand.So I ended up getting stuff from L'oreal only.

1-L'oreal Hydrafresh anti-shine Purifying & Mattifying Icy Toner For Shiny Skin 24SR($6.50) EACH
Whew that was a mouthful! The reason I got this toner is because of the "Icy Toner"
 part.I thought it would be great since its super hot and humid here in saudi! I felt that 
this toner would give you a cool feeling! I ended up buying 2 of them.

2-L'oreal Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Aqua Gel for Combination to Oily Skin 24SR($6.50)
I have used this and I like it so far!

 I love how it had this lid to keep the product clean
 It has a mint green color!

3-Johnsons's Baby Moisturising Cream 13SR($3.50)
This is my 2nd tub of this cream and I really like it!
 It has a baby pink color

I also got these like 2 months ago,but forgot to show them in my Collective Haul which was 2 parts. 
Part 1 and Part 2
The Bear cover was 25SR($6.66)
The Bunny was 35AED($9.50)

 Hope you enjoyed my haul & goodnight 
-XOXO, ريفان (Refan)

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