Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life Update

Hey guys!
Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I haven't posted anything for over 2 months! A lot of things are going on in life right now.I'm also traveling in the summer and I probably wont have Internet connection.I have also kind of lost my motivation to blog </3

I also want to spend my last summer at with my family. since I'm gonna be busy next year (I'm finally a senior) and after school ends I'm probably gonna go to a collage abroad so I wont be seeing my family for months!

Finally good luck on your exams,and for those who finished school have a nice summer!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Current Favorites

Ahh... I can't believe my blog will turn 1 year old this month! I'm so excited! and YES I will be holding a giveaway soon.Also school ends after 1 month *HAPPY DANCE* When do you finish school? Any how today I'll be doing my current favorites.I have been loving lots of products lately,but I picked the top 10 products that I have been using and loving the most!

1.Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 500ml : 
I have been wanting to try this for over 2 years,but I couldn't bring myself to buy it.Since it is quit pricey (180sr ) BUT I love this product to death!! I have dry damaged hair and after I use this mask my hair feels soft and silky.I use it 2 times a week.It's totally worth the money.I have had this for about 3 months and I'm not even 1/4 the tub.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2.Naruko Peeling Gel:

I bought this off ebay for about $15.It was shipped from Taiwan,and It arrived in less than 7 days.I forgot the sellers name,but she had free shipping worldwide! I have been wanting to try this brand for a while now and I also wanted to try a peeling gel.I read online that it's better to use a peeling gel for acne prone skin than a scrub.I really liked this product,but I don't think I would repurchase it again.Due to the reason that I'd like to try peeling gels from other brands. 

3.The Body Shop's Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion: 
When I was visiting my relatives I had this really bad break out,and my cousin gave me this to try.She uses it all the time and she has beautiful clear skin.So I tried it and I fell in love,because the next day my pimples were almost gone! I went ahead and bought it from TBS for about 39sr ($10).I was debating which one should I get,because they had 2 different lotion a day and a night one.The SA at the first store was like get both,I was like I want something so heel my acne and not leave marks.She was like they're both the same.I didn't like the fact that she just wanted to sell me the product! Then I went to another store and the SA there was very nice and helpful she explained the difference between them and recommend me the night lotion for my needs,and she even gave me a sample of their BB Cream. Oh I also love that it has a pump!! 

4.Urban Decay Naked Flushed: I bought this from Sephora for $32.I love the fact that its travel friendly and is a 3 in 1!(Bronzer,Highlight,and Blush).I like the blush it looks really nice on my skin tone.I love everything about this product except one thing.It's the fact that it doesn't last a long time after about 3 hours it would start to wear off. I like it,but not enough to repurchase it .

5.Maybelline One By One Volume Express Mascara: 

I love this mascara for many reasons
-Cute Packaging 
-East to fine

6.Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Erase:

This concealer is amazing!I think it's totally worth the
hype,because it actually conceals my dark circles without looking ashy and grey! It also remind me of Benefits' Hello Flawless foundation,because it has this twisty thing to make sure you use up all the product in the tube.And its pretty affordable (Under $10).I got it in the shade Honey.I like everything about except the fact that the applicator is a sponge.(Which you can see in the pic below) Which is very unhygienic! So don't share this with your friends ! 

                                                                                                         Not Hygienic At ALL

 7-Mac 208 Brush: I love this brush for drawing my eyebrows!I'm the type of person that believes not just the make up has to be good quality so does the brush.I have seen a difference in the way my brows look when I use this brush.Like seriously I'm not exaggerating! But it is an expensive brush. The only con is the price 118sr (Sold for $20 in the USA)                                                                            
                                                                        8-Exfoliating Gloves:
 I got this as a gift from my aunt <3 ! This thing is so amazing.
 9-Rose Water:
I filled this cute spray bottle from Daiso with Rose Water.I have been using rose water as my toner,because it has lots of amazing benefits such as anti-oxidants,anti-bacterial properties,soothes irritated skins,and many more benefits!I will make a different post talking about all that good stuff.  On top of all the good benefits it has for your skin its cheap!It's a win win!
10-EOS Lip Balm In Pomegranate Raspberry:I love this lip balm so much for lots of reasons,but the most important reasons are:-cute packaging -100% Natural -90% Organic -Tastes & Smells AMAZING!!!

How did you like this post?
Do you like the lighting in this pic?
Whats are your favorite items in the month of march?

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Friday, March 14, 2014

Review:[BARRY M] Color Changing Lipstick


I know what you're thinking SERIOUSLY? green lipstick have you gone mad? But this isn't a normal lipstick It's magical.Because it's a color changing lipstick! 

I have been wanting one for ages.They do sell it at places like the dollar store,but I heard a lot of people say that they add lots of harmful ingredients.So yeah I wanted something that was safe to use.I know that a lot of korean make up brands came up with the same idea a while back.But I couldn't find a place that sold the green one.And if they did it was expensive and not worth it.
Then the other day I was browsing and saw this.And I had to look at different boots locations till I found one that sold Barry M,and I finally found it.

I bought it in the shade TMLP 250

I was hesitant to buy this,because I don't like lipsticks.They tend to cling to the try patches,and I have super chapped lips all the time.And I don't like lip gloss because it feels sticky.This lipstick though was nice,because it didn't cling to the dry patches and didn't feel sticky!

I love that's its pigmented! I have dark lips so It's important that the lip product is pigmented 

 Bare Lips+Lip balm
 Lipstick only 

Consistency: 4/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

Would I repurchase?

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Friday, March 7, 2014

50 Day Buying Ban

Have any of you noticed what type of posts I do the most? That's right hauls! I am aware that I have a problem so that's why I decided to take action! I buy too much stuff.I'm sure i'm not the only shopaholic here am I right?

I decided to take action by going on a 50 day buying ban.I won't buy ANYTHING for 50 days.Unless of course my parents buy it for me.The only time I'm allowed to buy anything during this buying ban is to get my BFF a birthday gift and thats it.The buying ban is from MARCH 1 - APRIL 19. 

Also I'm going on a skincare buying ban until I finish all the cleansers,toners,and moisturizers I own first.I was going threw my stash the other day and I found that I had 4-5 cleansers.The thing is I used them then I got new cleansers and forgot about them.I will be buying lots of skincare in the summer.That's why I want to use up everything I own and save some money.

Anybody wanna join me ?Let's cure of shopping addiction together =)) 

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Monday, March 3, 2014

[Nail Polish Swatch] Chanel Starlet 575

Heey Lovelies,
I decided to start doing nail polish swatches of my nail polish.and If if that nail polish brand is worth the price or not.These type of posts will be short and to the point ! I don't have a huge nail polish collection,but I gotta admit I do have a lot.I have an addiction.Who else suffers from the same problem?I think nail polishes might be my favorite make up products! Today I'll be swatching a Chanel nail polish.Before I bought this I read so many reviews raving about how the Chanel polishes are worth every penny.And that the formula is amazing and yada yada ya..

I bought it in the shade Starlet I love Coral and pink nail polishes.
I wanted to splurge and get myself a gift,because I did well on my exams ! 

Price:115sr($30) from Sephora

My thoughts:
I love love the color.This was my first product from Chanel.However there are lots of cons! first of all I didn't like the finish it was between a creamy/matte finish.I hate matte finishes in nail polishes.Secondly there was nothing special about it than drugstore nail polishes such as Essie,OPI,Revlon,Rimmel... and its way cheaper! 

Bottom line:
Save you're money and just buy OPI,Essie... nail polishes they are the same formula!

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter Empties !

Heey Guys <3

I' haven't done an empties post in a very long time.I will do my empties post from now on every season,because that's just easier.And I would have time to use up some products.

1-Mong Leya lotion 

2-Himalaya Refreshing & Clarifying Toner: I love this toner,because it's alcohol free,paraben free,and for acne prone skin.It's very gentle on the skin and isn't drying. 
I would definitely repurchase this product again 5/5

3-Nivea Soothing Toner: This was an okay toner.But I didn't like it,because it had alcohol and it made my skin feel a little dry. 
I wouldn't repurchase this product again 3/5

4-St.Ives Apricot Scrub: I didn't like this scrub a lot.I bought it because of all the hype that I read about it.But it ended up drying my skin and irritated my acne.So I used it as a body scrub just to use it all up. I also posted an in depth review on this product!
I wouldn't repurchase this product again 3/5

5-Olay Moisturizer: My mom got me this a while ago,and it was another okay product.
I wouldn't repurchase this product again2/5

6-The Face Shop Blemish Zero Toner: I'm so glad I didn't but the full size,because it wasn't anything special.But I liked that it was 3 free.The full size of this toner is like $30.
I wouldn't repurchase this product again 3/5

7-Clean & Clear advantage gel: I love love this product,but sadly it's not sold in Saudi.This is my 4th or 5th tube <3
I would repurchase this product again 5/5

8-Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Wash: I would repurchase this product again 5/5 .I actually already repurchased this if full size.You should also check out my in depth review on this cleanser 

9-The Face Shop Hand cream : I love this hand cream its so cute.
I would repurchase this product again 5/5

10-L'oreal elvive total repair conditioner 
11-Bhaesaj Cooling powder
12-Vatika Moisturizing Shampoo
13-Nail Polish remover 
14-Bath and Body Works shower cream in Carried Away <3

I have back ups of all these products!

and of course SHEET MASKS!

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Collective Haul:Sephora,Mac,Maybelline,OPI

Hello,Lovelies <3
Today I'll be doing a very short collective haul of the things I bought over the past 1-2 weeks!I won't be talking in depth about them this time,because they explain them self .If not I will review them after I use them for a couple more weeks!Without Further a do..

1-OPI Nail Polish in Red Lights Ahead...Where?
2-OPI Nail Polish in Kiss Me On My Tulips
3- Maybelline 24hr color tatto in Eternal Gold
4-Maybelline Colosal mascara
5-Maybelline gel eyeliner
6-Sephora foundation in #30 Medium Sand Buy it here for $20
7-Maybelline One by one mascara 
8-OPI make up bag
9-Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Hot Tamale #70
10-Sephora soothing and brightening concealer in 07 Radiant Beige  Buy it here for $17
11-Mac mineralized skin finish in Soft & Gentle Buy it here for $30

The OPI nail polishes and make up bag came in a set for around $20.It's unavailable anymore in the states,because it came out last year! and all the maybelline make up also came in a set for $33.Which is considered cheap for full sized products in Saudi.Because the mascaras are sold for around $13 each.

I also made a Instagram follow at @Refanthewayolife if you would like to <3

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Friday, January 31, 2014

Review:[THE FACE SHOP] Baby Leaf Green Tea Oil Free Toner

Hey guys,
I'm back with another review.It's a new product from The Face Shop Green Tea line.A lot of Korean brands have come up with a green tea line such as innisfree.One of the brands that I yet have to try! This was appealing to me,because its made of green tea.I love green tea more than anything! I drink at least 3 cups daily!

Baby Leaf Green Tea Oil Free Toner

☆ Moisture complex(Xanthan gum+betain+Gylcerin)
☆ Panthenol (Anit-inflammatory, moisturizing)
☆ 3,000 mg of organically grown boseong green tea extract
☆ 5 free system (Artifical coloring,benzophenone,minerals,animal derived material,alcohol)  [Source]



After cleansing dispense an adequate amount and apply gently along the skin texture.

It comes in a 150ml plastic bottle for 75sr.I really like the fact that it's plastic.Unlike their Aloe toner.I always drop things!Who else has the same problem? or am I the only one? 

Texture & Scent

It's very light and runny like water,but it also moisturizing.It doesn't leave you're face feeling tight afterwards.But you still need to follow up with a moisturizer.It has the signature face shop scent.It smells earth-y.Oh you what it smells like? The clean face cleanser! It's the same exact scent!

Contains Parabens
It's more on the pricey side

5 free system
Nice scent


Would I recommend this to a friend? 

Would I repurchase this product? 
If the reduced the price a little then yes.

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The face shop Haul!

Hey guys!
I can't believe that I haven't done a haul since November.I'm so proud of myself! I have been saving my money to buy the sigma make up brushes and other things.And I'm almost there! Yaay! So the other day while I was visiting my grandma (Dad's side) me and my cousins to decided to go to Makkah mall.While I was browsing the stores I found out that they opened a Face Shop there.So I decided to treat myself to a couple of things from there.I didn't buy much this time.Here are the things!

sorry about the pic's quality I don't have my camera with me so I used my iphone.I tried to photoshop it,but it's still ugh!

Jewel Therapy Volume & Hair treatment lotion 50sr ($13)
Green Tea oil free toner 75sr ($20)
Chia seed sheet mask 12sr ($3)
Acai Berry sheet mask 12sr ($3)

That's it for today~!

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review:[Veet] Easy grip ready to use wax strips for dry skin

Hello my lovelies 

Today I'll be review Veet's new wax strips for dry skin! But before that I'd like to talk a bit about my experience with other veet products.My first time trying anything from veet was about 3 years ago.I bought there wax strips the ones that look like this

40 strips and 6 wipes come in the box! I hated this product so much.That I ended up throwing it away.Later on my friend told me about this hair removal cream from Veet that she's in love with.
Again I hated this product for many reasons.
I hated the smell its suffocating 
It's just like shaving my hair grows the next 1-2 days
If you have sensitive skin this isn't the product for you.It stings and it also gave me a rash

so this was another product that belonged in the trash!After that I swore to never buy any veet products again.Then one day while me and my cousins were getting ready for a wedding my cousins decided to buy the new version of the veet wax strips for sensitive skin.

There are 3 different wax strips for different skin types: Sensitive,dry,and normal.I have tried both the sensitive and dry skin ones.And loved them!

Today I'll review the one for dry skin:

Try the new Veet EasyGrip™ Ready-to-use wax strip and get beautiful smooth skin in 5 easy steps in the comfort of your home! The new EasyGrip™ Tab makes the waxing process more intuitive and simpler. All you have to do is just ‘pull up’ with the easy grip tab and you get sexy smooth skin instantly! Isn’t it much more convenient than specially visiting a parlour for waxing?

It takes only a few seconds to rub the wax strips between your hands to warm the wax, place it on your skin and pull it back on itself very quickly. Each strip has been carefully chosen to leave you feeling pampered and ready for anything.
Rub the wax strip between your hands for approximately 5 seconds to warm the wax.
Top tip: If you are waxing for a special occasion, try not to do it the night before to avoid any tell-tale redness.
Holding the EasyGrip™ tab, slowly peel the strips apart.

Apply the strip with EasyGrip™ tab to your leg towards the ankle and rub the strip repeatedly in the direction of hair growth (knee to ankle).
Holding the EasyGrip™ tab, pull the strip back on itself against the direction of hair growth (from ankle to knee for legs) very quickly and in 1 swift motion, keeping the strip as close to your skin as possible. Hold the skin taut to avoid discomfort.
After waxing, remove any excess wax with a Perfect Finish wipe.

Main Ingredients:
Aloe Vera,well know for it's skin moisturizing properties!

My thoughts:
I really love this product its a life savior.When I first started using it it was painful I wont lie.and my hair grew back in a week or two! But as I used it more the pain gradually decreased and so did the hair growth.Now I feel like its a sting and my hair doesn't grow back till 2-3 months later.

I apologies for not using my own pics,but I'm on vacation so I don't have the product with me.So the pics from the internet will have to make do!

All pics and information on the product are not mine.

Have you tried this any of the products mentioned above?What did you think of them?
☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year's Resoultion +Update

Hello,Beauties !
I missed you so much.Exams are finally over !! I'm so psyched to get back to blogging.I'm currently on vacation so I will try to post as much posts as I can.I have so many things to review. Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I'm gonna make this a short and quick post! I wanted to share some of my new year's resolutions with you.I feel like if I shared them I'd actually get them done this year!

1.Lose a couple pounds
3.Eat Healthy Food
4.Read 36 books
5.Take better care of my skin

Those are just a couple what's you're new years resolution for 2014?

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).
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