Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Asia Haul (China)

How have you been? .Today I have the long awaited China Haul! It took me a long time to post this ,because one I was on vacation and two I had to search the Watson's china website for the prices.So anyways my dad went to china about 2 weeks ago for work.So I asked him to buy me some stuff from there most of the stuff are from Watson's.
{Watson's is a drugstore which is basically like CVS,Walgreens,Rite aid...ETC.}

Skin Aqua water in UV sunscreen SPF25PA++
Price: 69.90 chinese yuan (about $11)

Right:My Scheming black pearl sheet mask (had to search half the Watson's china website just to find this brand's name) 
Price: 68 chinese yuan (about $11)

Left:Biore nose strips there are 10 strips in the pack
Price: 39 Chinese Yuan (About $6)

My beauty diary's sheet masks collagen lifting masks.
 There are 8 in the box.The cool thing about these sheet masks are that they come with this hook, so you can hook it to your ears.which makes the mask take the shape of your face kind of like a mold,and it covers your chin.
Price: 79 Chinese Yuan (About $13)

Neutrogena deep clean foaming cleanser 
Price: 24 Chinese Yuan (About $4)

Limi Rose Sonnet Whitening cleanser
Price: 59 Chinese Yuan (About $9.50~$10)

Beauty Plus Yogurt Mask
Price:98 chinese yuan (about $16)

Collagen by Watson's Moisturizing & Brighting foam cleanser
BTW they were having a promo on this 2 for price of 1
Price: 39.90 Chinese Yuan (About $6.50)

Have a nice day and goodnight (or good morning)

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