Friday, July 19, 2013

Project 15 Pan #4

It has officially been a month since I started Project 15 Pan.I decided to remove rule #4 which is "I have to finish ALL the products below before buying anything new"
The NEW rules are:-

  1. I can buy a new make up or skincare item for every 5 products that I used up.
  2. I have to put 2 riyals($0.50) in my piggy bank (or whatever I end up using to put my money in ) until I finish the challenge.
  3. I have to put 5 riyals($1.33) for every product i used up.
  4. Update you lovely readers of my progress weekly.
  5. I have to finish the products by August 30,2013 
The products I have to finish are:-
  1. Victoria's secret PINK charming and fun all over body mist (Limited Edition) ~1/4 of the bottle is left
  2. Bath and body works peach citrus body lotion ~barely anything left in the bottle  (Week 1)
  3. Bath and body works secret wonderland shower gel ~ 1/3 of the bottle left (Week 4)
  4. Dabur amla gold hair oil~ about 1/5 of the bottle left(Week 4)
  5. Hebal essences tousle me softly spray gel~ half of the bottle left
  6. The face shop acne solution foam cleanser~1/2 of the tube left (Week 2)
  7. Mong Leya cooling powder~1/2 of the bottle left
  8. Skin food parsley&mandarin toner~1/3 left  (Week 2)
  9. The face shop natural sun super perfect sun cream SPF50+PA+++ ~1/2 left
  10. Bio Oil ~ barely used any of it
  11. The body shop tea tree skin clearing facial wash (miniature size) ~1/2 left (Week 2)
  12. The body shop tea tree blemish gel ~used it twice only (Week 2)
  13. Barry M base coat,topcoat,and hardener all in one ~ 1/2 left (Week 4)
  14. Revlon lip butter in peach parfait(025) ~ barely used
  15. Revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake(080) ~ barely used
This Weeks Progress:~
I have managed to finish 3 products this week!
  • Barry M base coat,topcoat,and hardener all in one: I liked this product,because it was 3 in 1 and cheap! ($4)
  • Dabur amla gold hair oil: I try to use hair oil at least once a week.I always end up buying hair oil from this brand,but different "flavors" or "scents" !
  • Bath and body works secret wonderland shower gel: I am in love with BBW shower gels,because they always smell heavenly and they last me a long time!!!!
How many products I have used up?
Week 1~ 1/15
Week 2~ 4/15
Week 3~ 0/15
Week 4~ 3/15
TOTAL ~ 8/15 products! 
How much have I saved up?
Week 1~ 19SR ($5)
Week 2~ 34SR ($9)
Week 3~14SR($3.73)
Week 4~29SR($7.73)
TOTAL~ 96SR($26)

Have a nice day!
-XOXO, ريفان (Refan)

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