Friday, June 28, 2013

Collective Haul PART1

I know what your probably thinking "OMG she final posted the collective haul" I'm terribly sorry I have been busy (Kind of).It's because since school ended I have been pulling all nighters watching Nail shop Paris (K-drama) and Gossip Girl(I'm on Season 5 Ep 15.. 1 more season to go).So my sleeping got messed up,but I'll fix it I Promise!
Today I'm FINALLY doing my collective haul.I'll be showing you the thing I accumulated over the past month or so.I wont be doing any hauls for a while,because I'm doing the Project 15 Pan 
BTW I'll be splitting this haul into 2 parts one is going to be all the beauty related stuff and part 2 is going to be my art&crafts haul from Office Depot. Enjoy

Everything that I bought,and 1 thing that isn't in the pic 

 Compressed Sheet Masks 7SR($2)
 Polish Remover 7SR($2)

I discovered this Japanese store called Epo awhile ago.It's like Daiso the prices start from 7SR,but Daiso has a bigger variety of merchandise.Anyways so I discovered something called "compressed sheet mask" and I have been on the hunt for some. So I thought I should check out Asian stores around me,and they had it!


♥ Outrageous Volume Mascara(limited Edition Packaging)

 The packing is so eye catching! I was going to buy the same mascara,but the boring black version.Then when I was on my way to check out I saw the Limited Edition gold packing so of course I got the prettier one!

and this is how the brush looks like!

Whites Pharmacy
♥Labello Vanilla and Macadamia Lip Butter 12SR($4)
♥Nivea toner for oily/combination skin 26SR($7)
♥Max Factor nail polish in Lilac 30SR($8)
♥Essie nail polish in Mojito Madness 40SR($10.50)

The Body Shop
♥Tea tree skin clearing facial wash 14SR($4) I also reviewed this product Here 
♥Strawberry Puree body lotion originally 14SR($4) after discount FREE
♥Born Lippy Stick Strawberry 32SR($8.50)

 They were having a buy one get one FREE promo on a basket filled with mini sized lotions and cleansers.I bought the Tea tree cleanser and got the lotion free.

  ♥160 Cotton wool puff 8SR($2)
♥Soap and Glory Hand Food miniature size 20SR($5)
♥Soap and Glory Glow Better 90SR($24)
♥Garnier Skin Renewing Anti-Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roller 28SR($7.50)

Bath and Body Works
♥Carried Away Shower Cream 32SR($8.50)
♥Ladybug Gift Bag 5SR($1.25)
♥French Baguette 3 Wick Candle 23SR($6)

That was it for my haul :) This is going to sound stupid,but how do you use a shower cream? >.< and what was your favorite item in the haul?

-XOXO, ريفان (Refan)

Project 15 Pan #1

Guess what day is it today? IT'S FRIDAYY FRIDAAAY getting down on Friday~! Sorry just ignore that .Anyways since today is Friday that means I'll update on how I'm doing on my Project 15 Pan. Okay lets start...

The rules were:-
  1. I can buy a new make up or skincare item for every 5 products that I used up.
  2. I have to put 2 riyals($0.50) in my piggy bank (or whatever I end up using to put my money in ) until I finish the challenge.
  3. I have to put 5 riyals($1.33) for every product i used up.
  4. I have to finish ALL the products below before buying anything new.
  5. Update you lovely readers of my progress weekly.
  6. I have to finish the products by August 30,2013 

The products I have to finish are:-
  1. Victoria's secret PINK charming and fun all over body mist (Limited Edition) ~1/4 of the bottle is left
  2. Bath and body works peach citrus body lotion ~barely anything left in the bottle
  3. Bath and body works secret wonderland shower gel ~ 1/3 of the bottle left
  4. Dabur amla gold hair oil~ about 1/5 of the bottle left
  5. Hebal essences tousle me softly spray gel~ half of the bottle left
  6. The face shop acne solution foam cleanser~1/2 of the tube left
  7. Mong Leya cooling powder~1/2 of the bottle left
  8. Skin food parsley&mandarin toner~1/3 left
  9. The face shop natural sun super perfect sun cream SPF50+PA+++ ~1/2 left
  10. Bio Oil ~ barely used any of it
  11. The body shop tea tree skin clearing facial wash (miniature size) ~1/2 left
  12. The body shop tea tree blemish gel ~used it twice only
  13. Barry M base coat,topcoat,and hardener all in one ~ 1/2 left
  14. Revlon lip butter in peach parfait(025) ~ barely used
  15. Revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake(080) ~ barely used
I have only used up 1 product from the list above and that's the BBW peach citrus body lotion.This lotion was one the of the limited edition summer scents that was released last year.Honestly I'm not very fond of citrus scents,but I really liked this one ! Especially since it was give to me as a gift from some one special <3 
How much did I save up ? 
Week 1:- 19SR ($5)

It isn't much I know,but I'm proud of myself that I didn't buy ANYTHING for a whole week!

Have a nice day!
-XOXO, ريفان (Refan)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award (VBA)

I would like to thank Sam for nominating me for "The Versatile Blogger Award" I'm very happy and excited especially since I got nominated for an award even though I haven't been blogging for a long time!

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Include a link to their blog.
3. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

4. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.


  1. Mindy - My My Chen
  2. Penelope - Peach Party
  3. Katie - Milkeipure
  4. Yomi - Gwi Yomi Style
  5. Mad About My Skin
  6. Ashley - Ashley Seow May Quinn
  7. Suzume - Suzume Seasons
  8. Angelique - I Petit Panda
  9. 세라 - Mirukuseki
  10. Sample Hime
  11. At First Wink
  12. Laura - Kitten Cuddler
  13. Susie - Susie Vibes
  14. Joce - After 5ve
  15. Shanna - Hanguk Drama

7 Facts About Me:-

  1. Even though i'm from Saudi Arabia I have only lived there for about 4 years!
  2. I'm currently learning Korean
  3. I'm the 2nd oldest
  4. One of my favorite books is "One liter of tears" by Aya Kito <3
  5. I'm a VERY random person!
  6. My favorite colors are: Pink,Blue,and Purple
  7. I met Jay Park <3

Hope you enjoyed this post,and check out the blogs I listed above ! I'm gonna go finish typing my collective haul now :D


Monday, June 24, 2013

Empties #1(March,April,May)

How have you been?I
In this post i'll be talking about Empties AKA Products I used up ! I'll try to do this kind of post monthly from now on(YAAAY).Okie dokie lets get started~!

I have this HUGE Sephora bag that I filled with all the products that I used up
from L to R
1.Johnson's daily essentials oil balancing facial cleansing wipes for oily&combination skin (25 wipes): I did'nt like these facial wipes,because after I used them my skin felt dry and tight. It's my first time trying facial wipes do all of them make you skin feel dry and tight afterwards?

2.Johnson's 24 hours moisture soft cream(200ml): I have a love&hate relationship with this product!! I love this it, because it smells so divine and feels moisturizing BUT after awhile my hands feel chapped.Yet i still keep on repurchasing this product,but i decided that I won't repurchase this again. WARNING:don't use it on your face it stings!

3.Swan nail polish remover(236ml):I bought it for $1 from dollar tree.It feels just like any nail polish remover.

4.Dove nourishing oil care conditioner(400ml):It was a meh product.  

5.Lush Herbalism fresh facial cleanser(100g):I can't say enough about this product!This was my first ever cleanser  that I bought(it was either herbalism or Neutrogena's grapefruit cleanser),and it's the reason I fell in love with Lush&Skincare .This is like my 8th pot if not my 10th! I always have one in my stash.

6.Dove damage therapy intensive repair shampoo(50ml):Another meh product.

7.Nivea anti-perspirant stress protect(35ml):I really liked this product I will definitely buy the full size!

8.Bath and bodyworks butterfly flower bubble bath(295ml):I love bath and bodywork products and bubble baths!

9.The face shop chia seed moisture-holding seed cream(sample):I was planning on purching this product,but then when I got the sample with one of my purchases I told myself I should try it before buying it.I'M GLAD I DID,because it stinges and makes my skin feel dry.

10.The face shop clean face sebum control soothing mask sheet:One of my favorite sheet masks,because it minimizes the size of my pimples.

11.The face shop new zealand volcanic clay black head charcoal nose strips(3 sheets):I bought the box which has 7sheets.I think it's an okay product, because it does remove my black heads but not all of them.

12.The face shop real nature mask raspberry

13.The face shop real nature mask mung beans

14.The face shop real nature mask red ginseng

15.Boots cotton wool puffs(160 puffs):I love these cotton puffs,because i get 160 just for 8sr($2)

16.Assured 100%pure cotton rounds(80)

17.clean&clear dual action moisturizer salicylic acid acne medication:love this products !! It helps treat and prevent pimples.

18.My beauty diary gold+marine collagen lift stretch mask:This is one of the coolest sheet masks,because it comes with this hook so that you can hook it to your ears so that it makes the mask look 3D.

19.Veet easy grip ready to use was strips with vitamin E & almond oil for sensitive skin:Another one of my must haves! what I love about this product is that it removes short hair as long as 1.5mm! and it's very moisturizing.

20.Veet easy grip ready to use was strips with vitamin E & almond oil for sensitive skin (face): its the same as the one above except it comes in a smaller size which i like to use for my underarms.

21.The face shop aloe fresh soothing toner(140ml):I like this toner one my first purchases from the face shop,but sadly when I went to the face shop last time the SA told me it's discontinued.

22.Mong Leya lotion:This is basically a cooling powedery lotion.This is also on of must haves,but the sad thing is you can only find it in Thailand or online. 

23.Brilliance by jessica McClintock body lotion(118ml):This came in a gift set with a perfume.I got it as a gift from a friend on my birthday.LOVE the smell of this lotion.

That was all for my Empties hope you enjoyed it !

Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: [THE BODY SHOP] Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

Hello Lovelies~!
Today I'll be reviewing THE BODY SHOP'S tea tree skin clearing facial wash.I bought the cleanser & the blemish gel because:
  1. It was on sale buy 1 get 1 FREE (for the cleanser that's 60ml ONLY)
  2. I had lots of breakouts and Tea Tree helps cure them
There is a whole range of products called the Tea Tree line not just the cleanser&blemish gel.The line also includes:
  1. Tea tree skin clearing facial wash(60ml&250ml)
  2. Tea tree blackhead exfoliating wash
  3. Tea tree blemish fade night lotion
  4. Tea tree blemish gel
  5. Tea tree body wash
  6. Tea tree cleansing wipes
  7. Tea tree concealer
  8. Tea tree cool&creamy wash
  9. Tea tree face mask
  10. Tea tree face mask-single use
  11. Tea tree oil
  12. Tea tree oil facial blotting paper
  13. Tea tree pore minimizer
  14. Tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser
  15. Tea tree clearing lotion
  16. Tea tree skin clearing toner
You can buy them online HERE

This cleanser come in 2 sizes a 60ml(2 fl oz)which is for $4 and a 250ml(8.4 fl oz)for $11.50 bottles.I would recommend getting the travel size before actually purchasing the full bottle.

Product Description:(from

This daily-use facial wash for blemished skin gives clearer-looking skin when used as part of a regular regime.
  • Removes excess oil without over-drying skin
  • Helps remove impurities
  • Gentle enough for daily use

My Thoughts:
I have been using this product for 2 weeks now,and I LOVE IT! I can definitely see a difference in my skin.It has calmed & cleared my skin and got rid of most of my breakouts.I use this cleanser in the morning and evening.The cleanser has a liquid-y run-y consistency and has fragrance a herbal scent.Also i found it to be drying even though I have a combination skin more towards the oily side.


  • Cleared my skin from breakouts
  • A little goes a long way (I have been using the travel size for 2 weeks twice a day,and I only used half of the bottle)
  • Makes my skin very DRY(wouldn't recommend this for dry skin)
  • Has a some what strong smell(wouldn't recommend this for sensitive skin)

Would I repurchase this product again?
Yes,but I would need to buy a really moisturizing cream with it!

Have you tried this product ? did it make your skin dry? 

Have a nice day

Project 15 Pan

Hello my lovely readers,
Starting today I'm going to start doing project 15 pan,because I have lots of products that I need to use up.So that I won't feel guilty about buying new products.I'll also be doing the same for my unread books.

What is project 10 pan?
It's basically a challenge where I have to finish certain products before the due date that I decide on.

  1. I can buy a new make up or skincare item for every 5 products that I used up.
  2. I have to put 2 riyals($0.50) in my piggy bank (or whatever I end up using to put my money in ) until I finish the challenge.
  3. I have to put 5 riyals($1.33) for every product i used up.
  4. I have to finish ALL the products below before buying anything new.
  5. Update you lovely readers of my progress weekly.
  6. I have to finish the products by August 30,2013 

Body Products:(from L to R)
  1. Victoria's secret PINK charming and fun all over body mist (Limited Edition) ~1/4 of the bottle is left
  2. Bath and body works peach citrus body lotion ~barely anything left in the bottle
  3. Bath and body works secret wonderland shower gel ~ 1/3 of the bottle left

Hair Products:(from L to R)
  1. Dabur amla gold hair oil~ about 1/5 of the bottle left
  2. Hebal essences tousle me softly spray gel~ half of the bottle left

Skincare:(from L to R)
  1. The face shop acne solution foam cleanser~1/2 of the tube left
  2. Mong Leya cooling powder~1/2 of the bottle left
  3. Skin food parsley&mandarin toner~1/3 left

 4.The face shop natural sun super perfect sun cream SPF50+PA+++ ~1/2 left
5.Bio Oil ~ barely used any of it
6.The body shop tea tree skin clearing facial wash (miniature size) ~1/2 left
7.The body shop tea tree blemish gel ~used it twice only

Other products:(from L to R)
  1. Barry M basecoat,topcoat,and hardener all in one ~ 1/2 left
  2. Revlon lip butter in peach parfait(025) ~ barely used
  3. Revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake(080) ~ barely used

Are any of you on buying ban? or doing a project pan? or thinking about doing it?
Tell me all about it in the comment box below

Next post: Collective haul(dont worry I bought all the stuff before i started my project 15 pan)

*Don't forget to follow my blog <3

Have a nice day

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


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Update: I'm Finally 16!!

Hope you guys have been well! This post will just be an update on what i plan to do on this blog in the future,and random stuff about my life.

I just finished school about 2 weeks ago,and i went right from school to the airport to visit my grandma.Now i'm back home after 2 weeks of fun.Also I got my report card I got an A average(92%) I'm very pleased especially since I went to a public saudi school.I also bought some stuff when I was on vacation at my grandma's so i'll be reviewing and hauling them.There is one product that i'm extremely excited to review for you !I also turned 16 years old on the 14th of june.My cousins threw me a surprise party and my 11 year old cousins made me a delicious chocolate cake topped with nutella,m&m's,and galaxy <3 Which of course caused me to break out,but it was so worth it.

Ohhh yeah i forgot to ask you. Do you like my new layout? I got bored of the old one,and i added something new to my blog can you guess what is it?I learned how to add LABELS and a LABEL'S LIST (YAAAAAAY)!!!!!! I have been wondering how to add labels for some time now.Then I got the idea to google it why didn't i think of that before?,and of course there were TONS of tutorials on how to add labels and a label's list.

I have a few upcoming blog post ideas such as a segment for reading and book review since i'm behind in reading and because i love reading.I thought about doing:

~Monthly TBRs {books To Be Read}
~Monthly Wrap-ups {I  would talk about if I was able to finish reading the books i was supposed to read and other stuff about it}
~Book Review

and other new segments that are not book related such as:

~Monthly Favorite Products
~Monthly Empties {Products that I used up and whether I liked it or not and a summery about the product}
~Dramas I'm currently watching {K-dramas,J-dramas,and american dramas}
~Skincare Tips
~Skincare Routine
~Korean Language Learning progress and resources {I'm currently self-learning korean.I'm still a beginner though ! I already know 2 languages which are Arabic and English.So korean would be my 3rd language}

if you guys have any ideas please leave a comment down below :)

Next post:The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

Have a nice day!

Asia Haul (China)

How have you been? .Today I have the long awaited China Haul! It took me a long time to post this ,because one I was on vacation and two I had to search the Watson's china website for the prices.So anyways my dad went to china about 2 weeks ago for work.So I asked him to buy me some stuff from there most of the stuff are from Watson's.
{Watson's is a drugstore which is basically like CVS,Walgreens,Rite aid...ETC.}

Skin Aqua water in UV sunscreen SPF25PA++
Price: 69.90 chinese yuan (about $11)

Right:My Scheming black pearl sheet mask (had to search half the Watson's china website just to find this brand's name) 
Price: 68 chinese yuan (about $11)

Left:Biore nose strips there are 10 strips in the pack
Price: 39 Chinese Yuan (About $6)

My beauty diary's sheet masks collagen lifting masks.
 There are 8 in the box.The cool thing about these sheet masks are that they come with this hook, so you can hook it to your ears.which makes the mask take the shape of your face kind of like a mold,and it covers your chin.
Price: 79 Chinese Yuan (About $13)

Neutrogena deep clean foaming cleanser 
Price: 24 Chinese Yuan (About $4)

Limi Rose Sonnet Whitening cleanser
Price: 59 Chinese Yuan (About $9.50~$10)

Beauty Plus Yogurt Mask
Price:98 chinese yuan (about $16)

Collagen by Watson's Moisturizing & Brighting foam cleanser
BTW they were having a promo on this 2 for price of 1
Price: 39.90 Chinese Yuan (About $6.50)

Have a nice day and goodnight (or good morning)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Skinfood Haul

Heeeeey,sorry for not posting recently I have been busy with final exams! I will try to post daily so look forward to it :) .... anyways I went to Dubai about 2 months ago and I went to festival city mall,especially for SKINFOOD&THE FACE SHOP! This was my first time buying skinfood products.what I liked about the store was that they gave me a rewards card. Yay for discounts!!! anyways so here are the things i bought~!

I wanted to try an emulsion (which is like a light weight water-y lotion) I heard good reviews about the parsley & mandarin line AND the tea tree line,but i couldn't find the tea tree emulsion or toner so i got this one instead!

~Both the tea tree + parsley&mandarin line are for troubled skin~

        Parsley & Mandarin Emulsion 

Claims and how to use : Click HERE!

I'm in love with the packaging especially since its glass <3,but i didn't like the fact that it stings and i didn't see any difference so far. 

this is how it looks like 

Rating:  3/5 
would i repurchase this?
probably not

  Parsley & mandarin toner

claims and how to use : Click HERE!
it was an okay toner.i didnt feel like it did anything to my "troubled skin" but i will contiune to use it and see if there is any diffrence.again what i didnt like about this proudct is that it STINGS!

Rating : 3/5
Would I repurchase? 
probably not

Red Bean BB Cream with SPF20 PA+ 
Natural Beige #2 

claims and how to use:Click HERE!

This is my first BB creams so i cant really compare it to another product! But what i can tell you for sure is that the smell is heavenly!!! When i first bought this i was surprised that it was my shade,but saddly i got tanner now so it looks grayish on me :( 
Funny thing is that my body is lighter than my face !!

Finish: Has a semi matte + semi dewy finish.Its in between a matte and a dewy finish.
Coverage:Has a sheer coverage.If your looking to cover acne scars and redness this doesn't do the job,but it covers slight imperfections. 

Would i repurchase?

Black Suger Scrub Foam 160g

claims and how to use:Click HERE!

This scrub gently exfoliates your face and it has a lemon-y scent to it which makes your face smelling fresh and clean.I love the small suger particles that exfoliates afterwards my skin almost feels like a baby's butt isn't foamy at all i excepted it to be like a foam cleanser since the word "foam" is in the product's name but it isn't .Its okay though i dont mind it.

Would i repurchase?

*SKINFOOD will soon open a branch in SAUDI ARABIA*

Next post: China Haul
(i'll be showering you with hauls since i bought lots of stuff the past 2-3 months)

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