Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quick Update:Life,School,& Moving !

Hey guys so I'm finally back! 
I came back from Dubai,UAE last week and since then I haven't had much free time,because I had to make up for all the days I missed in school and do my missing homework! And remember how in my last update I told you that we were moving? We were supposed to move to Peru ! and we packed our things and then my parents changed their minds and decided to stay in Saudi! and of course we had to unpack all of the boxes and it sure was lots of fun! -.- but overall life has been good! I'll start posting regularly from now on since I'm almost done unpacking... ^.^!! and for those who are waiting for my Dubai haul I'll have that up as soon as possible ,and after that I won't be doing a haul for at least a month :) 

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tips:Toothpaste for acne? Do or Don't?

Have you ever heard of using toothpaste on your pimple? Neither have I until I read it on twitter,and decided to try it out!

It worked for me,but it might not work for all! I bet you're wondering how does it help in curing my pimple? I asked myself the same question so I did some research and here are the benefits of toothpaste!!

  1. Firstly toothpaste works well (for most) as a spot treatment for acne. The triclosan in the toothpaste dries up the oil and kills the bacteria, causing the inflammation of the skin to reduce.
  2. Secondly, the cooling effect of the toothpaste works a little bit like ice and brings down the swelling that is ordinarily the cause of the bump of the zit.
  3. You only need to keep the toothpaste on for 5 minutes to see a difference. It soothes the inflammation and beings down the swelling in a short time.
  4. While you may not be able to find ice, or expensive acne creams everywhere every time, toothpaste for acne is mostly available quite freely.
  5. Lastly, the calcium carbonate in the toothpaste leads to drying up of the pimple. This causes the pore to clear out (relatively) and can keep a zit from appearing there again.
I have been using this method for months now BUT  I recently discovered that it does more harm to your skin then good!

" Toothpaste irritates, burns, causes more breakouts and scars skin. That’s especially true of today’s toothpastes, which have a lot of whitening and bleaching ingredients that are extremely irritating. So save it for your teeth and use a facial cleanser for acne to keep skin clear!"

☆I hope you found this helpful! Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review:[THE FACE SHOP]Mung Beans Foam Cleanser

I'll be doing a quick review on another cleanser from the face shop today,and unlike the " Clean face acne solution" cleanser I liked this one~! 

Description & How To Use:

The tube has a flip cap

The Back


My Thoughts:
I bought this cleanser,because on TFS website it said that this was for "trouble" skin types! It didn't do much for my acne,but it has reduced the blackheads on my nose a lot.I like using this with my foaming net,because it uses less product and makes it all foamy and soft! I have been using this cleanser for over 3 months day and night and I still didn't finish it!

♡Reduces the appearance of blackheads
♡Last a long time (when using a foaming net)
♡Affordable! costs 35SR($9.33) for 170 ml

♡Hard to find 
♡not the best scent (I don't really mind it though)

Would I repurchase this product?

I will be going to Dubai tomorrow so I wont be posting for awhile! If I have time today or tomorrow I'll try to write some posts to post while I'm on vacation.

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).
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