Friday, June 28, 2013

Collective Haul PART1

I know what your probably thinking "OMG she final posted the collective haul" I'm terribly sorry I have been busy (Kind of).It's because since school ended I have been pulling all nighters watching Nail shop Paris (K-drama) and Gossip Girl(I'm on Season 5 Ep 15.. 1 more season to go).So my sleeping got messed up,but I'll fix it I Promise!
Today I'm FINALLY doing my collective haul.I'll be showing you the thing I accumulated over the past month or so.I wont be doing any hauls for a while,because I'm doing the Project 15 Pan 
BTW I'll be splitting this haul into 2 parts one is going to be all the beauty related stuff and part 2 is going to be my art&crafts haul from Office Depot. Enjoy

Everything that I bought,and 1 thing that isn't in the pic 

 Compressed Sheet Masks 7SR($2)
 Polish Remover 7SR($2)

I discovered this Japanese store called Epo awhile ago.It's like Daiso the prices start from 7SR,but Daiso has a bigger variety of merchandise.Anyways so I discovered something called "compressed sheet mask" and I have been on the hunt for some. So I thought I should check out Asian stores around me,and they had it!


♥ Outrageous Volume Mascara(limited Edition Packaging)

 The packing is so eye catching! I was going to buy the same mascara,but the boring black version.Then when I was on my way to check out I saw the Limited Edition gold packing so of course I got the prettier one!

and this is how the brush looks like!

Whites Pharmacy
♥Labello Vanilla and Macadamia Lip Butter 12SR($4)
♥Nivea toner for oily/combination skin 26SR($7)
♥Max Factor nail polish in Lilac 30SR($8)
♥Essie nail polish in Mojito Madness 40SR($10.50)

The Body Shop
♥Tea tree skin clearing facial wash 14SR($4) I also reviewed this product Here 
♥Strawberry Puree body lotion originally 14SR($4) after discount FREE
♥Born Lippy Stick Strawberry 32SR($8.50)

 They were having a buy one get one FREE promo on a basket filled with mini sized lotions and cleansers.I bought the Tea tree cleanser and got the lotion free.

  ♥160 Cotton wool puff 8SR($2)
♥Soap and Glory Hand Food miniature size 20SR($5)
♥Soap and Glory Glow Better 90SR($24)
♥Garnier Skin Renewing Anti-Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roller 28SR($7.50)

Bath and Body Works
♥Carried Away Shower Cream 32SR($8.50)
♥Ladybug Gift Bag 5SR($1.25)
♥French Baguette 3 Wick Candle 23SR($6)

That was it for my haul :) This is going to sound stupid,but how do you use a shower cream? >.< and what was your favorite item in the haul?

-XOXO, ريفان (Refan)


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