Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Skinfood Haul

Heeeeey,sorry for not posting recently I have been busy with final exams! I will try to post daily so look forward to it :) .... anyways I went to Dubai about 2 months ago and I went to festival city mall,especially for SKINFOOD&THE FACE SHOP! This was my first time buying skinfood products.what I liked about the store was that they gave me a rewards card. Yay for discounts!!! anyways so here are the things i bought~!

I wanted to try an emulsion (which is like a light weight water-y lotion) I heard good reviews about the parsley & mandarin line AND the tea tree line,but i couldn't find the tea tree emulsion or toner so i got this one instead!

~Both the tea tree + parsley&mandarin line are for troubled skin~

        Parsley & Mandarin Emulsion 

Claims and how to use : Click HERE!

I'm in love with the packaging especially since its glass <3,but i didn't like the fact that it stings and i didn't see any difference so far. 

this is how it looks like 

Rating:  3/5 
would i repurchase this?
probably not

  Parsley & mandarin toner

claims and how to use : Click HERE!
it was an okay toner.i didnt feel like it did anything to my "troubled skin" but i will contiune to use it and see if there is any diffrence.again what i didnt like about this proudct is that it STINGS!

Rating : 3/5
Would I repurchase? 
probably not

Red Bean BB Cream with SPF20 PA+ 
Natural Beige #2 

claims and how to use:Click HERE!

This is my first BB creams so i cant really compare it to another product! But what i can tell you for sure is that the smell is heavenly!!! When i first bought this i was surprised that it was my shade,but saddly i got tanner now so it looks grayish on me :( 
Funny thing is that my body is lighter than my face !!

Finish: Has a semi matte + semi dewy finish.Its in between a matte and a dewy finish.
Coverage:Has a sheer coverage.If your looking to cover acne scars and redness this doesn't do the job,but it covers slight imperfections. 

Would i repurchase?

Black Suger Scrub Foam 160g

claims and how to use:Click HERE!

This scrub gently exfoliates your face and it has a lemon-y scent to it which makes your face smelling fresh and clean.I love the small suger particles that exfoliates afterwards my skin almost feels like a baby's butt isn't foamy at all i excepted it to be like a foam cleanser since the word "foam" is in the product's name but it isn't .Its okay though i dont mind it.

Would i repurchase?

*SKINFOOD will soon open a branch in SAUDI ARABIA*

Next post: China Haul
(i'll be showering you with hauls since i bought lots of stuff the past 2-3 months)


  1. Nice haul, I've got the black sugar scrub foam, too and I love it :)

    1. Thanks! btw I just followed you on Bloglovin' !


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