Friday, June 28, 2013

Project 15 Pan #1

Guess what day is it today? IT'S FRIDAYY FRIDAAAY getting down on Friday~! Sorry just ignore that .Anyways since today is Friday that means I'll update on how I'm doing on my Project 15 Pan. Okay lets start...

The rules were:-
  1. I can buy a new make up or skincare item for every 5 products that I used up.
  2. I have to put 2 riyals($0.50) in my piggy bank (or whatever I end up using to put my money in ) until I finish the challenge.
  3. I have to put 5 riyals($1.33) for every product i used up.
  4. I have to finish ALL the products below before buying anything new.
  5. Update you lovely readers of my progress weekly.
  6. I have to finish the products by August 30,2013 

The products I have to finish are:-
  1. Victoria's secret PINK charming and fun all over body mist (Limited Edition) ~1/4 of the bottle is left
  2. Bath and body works peach citrus body lotion ~barely anything left in the bottle
  3. Bath and body works secret wonderland shower gel ~ 1/3 of the bottle left
  4. Dabur amla gold hair oil~ about 1/5 of the bottle left
  5. Hebal essences tousle me softly spray gel~ half of the bottle left
  6. The face shop acne solution foam cleanser~1/2 of the tube left
  7. Mong Leya cooling powder~1/2 of the bottle left
  8. Skin food parsley&mandarin toner~1/3 left
  9. The face shop natural sun super perfect sun cream SPF50+PA+++ ~1/2 left
  10. Bio Oil ~ barely used any of it
  11. The body shop tea tree skin clearing facial wash (miniature size) ~1/2 left
  12. The body shop tea tree blemish gel ~used it twice only
  13. Barry M base coat,topcoat,and hardener all in one ~ 1/2 left
  14. Revlon lip butter in peach parfait(025) ~ barely used
  15. Revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake(080) ~ barely used
I have only used up 1 product from the list above and that's the BBW peach citrus body lotion.This lotion was one the of the limited edition summer scents that was released last year.Honestly I'm not very fond of citrus scents,but I really liked this one ! Especially since it was give to me as a gift from some one special <3 
How much did I save up ? 
Week 1:- 19SR ($5)

It isn't much I know,but I'm proud of myself that I didn't buy ANYTHING for a whole week!

Have a nice day!
-XOXO, ريفان (Refan)


  1. "I can buy a new make up or skincare item for every 5 products that I used up."

    OMG that is such a good idea haha!!! I have no self control LOL. Really I need to adopt your rules. <3

    1. LOL! me too my wallet is begging me to go buy something!! But I must restrain myself at least for two weeks!
      Yeah you should you would save up money! and get to use up the products you have sitting around at home


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