Monday, May 6, 2013

Daiso Haul

Heeeya,so today i have my first ever haul and its my purchases from Daiso Japan <3
i was thrilled to find out that there was one here in Riyadh! and i also discovered the face shop its right across from Daiso. finding these stores has made me love Saudi. especially since i just moved here from the states I'm glad that i found some awesome stores!!!!! lets get in to it

~btw sorry i removed everything from the wrapping and threw the wrapping away i apologies again.Also almost everything in the store was for 7SAR~

i got these 2 floral A5 notebooks

this is the first one it has a floral print on the front and polka dots on the back

it has 96 pages

same as the pink one floral prints on the front and the back is polka dotted

also i got these foaming net set they came in 2 sizes and 2 different colors(pink+white)~ i absolutely love it <3
it lathers a lot + it saves product 
i can do a tutorial for this if you want just comment below
 there were a lot of other cute versions of this one but i settled for this one. 

 here is what the foaming net looks like up close

 OMG the moment i say this panda lofa i fell in LOVE!!
isn't it so darn cute?

I also got this thing i don't know what its called but i use it to try my face and its also used to scrub the dead skin off your face just wet it and wet your face and rub rub rub...

I like that its small so that i can take it with me when i travel

what i love the most about the panda lofa and the towel thingy is that they are SUPER soft!

That's all i bought hope you enjoyed it~!

Next post: Skinfood Haul

P.S any of you know how to rotate the pics

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