Monday, June 24, 2013

Empties #1(March,April,May)

How have you been?I
In this post i'll be talking about Empties AKA Products I used up ! I'll try to do this kind of post monthly from now on(YAAAY).Okie dokie lets get started~!

I have this HUGE Sephora bag that I filled with all the products that I used up
from L to R
1.Johnson's daily essentials oil balancing facial cleansing wipes for oily&combination skin (25 wipes): I did'nt like these facial wipes,because after I used them my skin felt dry and tight. It's my first time trying facial wipes do all of them make you skin feel dry and tight afterwards?

2.Johnson's 24 hours moisture soft cream(200ml): I have a love&hate relationship with this product!! I love this it, because it smells so divine and feels moisturizing BUT after awhile my hands feel chapped.Yet i still keep on repurchasing this product,but i decided that I won't repurchase this again. WARNING:don't use it on your face it stings!

3.Swan nail polish remover(236ml):I bought it for $1 from dollar tree.It feels just like any nail polish remover.

4.Dove nourishing oil care conditioner(400ml):It was a meh product.  

5.Lush Herbalism fresh facial cleanser(100g):I can't say enough about this product!This was my first ever cleanser  that I bought(it was either herbalism or Neutrogena's grapefruit cleanser),and it's the reason I fell in love with Lush&Skincare .This is like my 8th pot if not my 10th! I always have one in my stash.

6.Dove damage therapy intensive repair shampoo(50ml):Another meh product.

7.Nivea anti-perspirant stress protect(35ml):I really liked this product I will definitely buy the full size!

8.Bath and bodyworks butterfly flower bubble bath(295ml):I love bath and bodywork products and bubble baths!

9.The face shop chia seed moisture-holding seed cream(sample):I was planning on purching this product,but then when I got the sample with one of my purchases I told myself I should try it before buying it.I'M GLAD I DID,because it stinges and makes my skin feel dry.

10.The face shop clean face sebum control soothing mask sheet:One of my favorite sheet masks,because it minimizes the size of my pimples.

11.The face shop new zealand volcanic clay black head charcoal nose strips(3 sheets):I bought the box which has 7sheets.I think it's an okay product, because it does remove my black heads but not all of them.

12.The face shop real nature mask raspberry

13.The face shop real nature mask mung beans

14.The face shop real nature mask red ginseng

15.Boots cotton wool puffs(160 puffs):I love these cotton puffs,because i get 160 just for 8sr($2)

16.Assured 100%pure cotton rounds(80)

17.clean&clear dual action moisturizer salicylic acid acne medication:love this products !! It helps treat and prevent pimples.

18.My beauty diary gold+marine collagen lift stretch mask:This is one of the coolest sheet masks,because it comes with this hook so that you can hook it to your ears so that it makes the mask look 3D.

19.Veet easy grip ready to use was strips with vitamin E & almond oil for sensitive skin:Another one of my must haves! what I love about this product is that it removes short hair as long as 1.5mm! and it's very moisturizing.

20.Veet easy grip ready to use was strips with vitamin E & almond oil for sensitive skin (face): its the same as the one above except it comes in a smaller size which i like to use for my underarms.

21.The face shop aloe fresh soothing toner(140ml):I like this toner one my first purchases from the face shop,but sadly when I went to the face shop last time the SA told me it's discontinued.

22.Mong Leya lotion:This is basically a cooling powedery lotion.This is also on of must haves,but the sad thing is you can only find it in Thailand or online. 

23.Brilliance by jessica McClintock body lotion(118ml):This came in a gift set with a perfume.I got it as a gift from a friend on my birthday.LOVE the smell of this lotion.

That was all for my Empties hope you enjoyed it !

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