Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update: I'm Finally 16!!

Hope you guys have been well! This post will just be an update on what i plan to do on this blog in the future,and random stuff about my life.

I just finished school about 2 weeks ago,and i went right from school to the airport to visit my grandma.Now i'm back home after 2 weeks of fun.Also I got my report card I got an A average(92%) I'm very pleased especially since I went to a public saudi school.I also bought some stuff when I was on vacation at my grandma's so i'll be reviewing and hauling them.There is one product that i'm extremely excited to review for you !I also turned 16 years old on the 14th of june.My cousins threw me a surprise party and my 11 year old cousins made me a delicious chocolate cake topped with nutella,m&m's,and galaxy <3 Which of course caused me to break out,but it was so worth it.

Ohhh yeah i forgot to ask you. Do you like my new layout? I got bored of the old one,and i added something new to my blog can you guess what is it?I learned how to add LABELS and a LABEL'S LIST (YAAAAAAY)!!!!!! I have been wondering how to add labels for some time now.Then I got the idea to google it why didn't i think of that before?,and of course there were TONS of tutorials on how to add labels and a label's list.

I have a few upcoming blog post ideas such as a segment for reading and book review since i'm behind in reading and because i love reading.I thought about doing:

~Monthly TBRs {books To Be Read}
~Monthly Wrap-ups {I  would talk about if I was able to finish reading the books i was supposed to read and other stuff about it}
~Book Review

and other new segments that are not book related such as:

~Monthly Favorite Products
~Monthly Empties {Products that I used up and whether I liked it or not and a summery about the product}
~Dramas I'm currently watching {K-dramas,J-dramas,and american dramas}
~Skincare Tips
~Skincare Routine
~Korean Language Learning progress and resources {I'm currently self-learning korean.I'm still a beginner though ! I already know 2 languages which are Arabic and English.So korean would be my 3rd language}

if you guys have any ideas please leave a comment down below :)

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Have a nice day!

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