Friday, March 14, 2014

Review:[BARRY M] Color Changing Lipstick


I know what you're thinking SERIOUSLY? green lipstick have you gone mad? But this isn't a normal lipstick It's magical.Because it's a color changing lipstick! 

I have been wanting one for ages.They do sell it at places like the dollar store,but I heard a lot of people say that they add lots of harmful ingredients.So yeah I wanted something that was safe to use.I know that a lot of korean make up brands came up with the same idea a while back.But I couldn't find a place that sold the green one.And if they did it was expensive and not worth it.
Then the other day I was browsing and saw this.And I had to look at different boots locations till I found one that sold Barry M,and I finally found it.

I bought it in the shade TMLP 250

I was hesitant to buy this,because I don't like lipsticks.They tend to cling to the try patches,and I have super chapped lips all the time.And I don't like lip gloss because it feels sticky.This lipstick though was nice,because it didn't cling to the dry patches and didn't feel sticky!

I love that's its pigmented! I have dark lips so It's important that the lip product is pigmented 

 Bare Lips+Lip balm
 Lipstick only 

Consistency: 4/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

Would I repurchase?

☆Enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).

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