Friday, November 8, 2013

Dubai Haul:The Face Shop,Daiso,Skinfood,Sephora...and MORE!

I have missed you and blogging!! How have you guys been? I really really really appreciate your patience and support ! Especially since lately I haven't been blogging regularly since I'm a lazy person ! Today's post is finally the long awaited haul!! Just a disclaimer before I start I bought most of the stuff using my own money,but some of the things in the haul were gifts from my relatives,parents,or siblings. without further ado ...

A sneak peek

WARNING: This post is pic heavy!!

(From top left-right,to bottom left-right)

  1. Nivea honey mask $2
  2. Nivea moisture mask $2
  3. TFS(5)Sebum controlling soothing mask $3 each
  4. TFS Bamboo mask $3 
  5. TFS (2) Green Tea mask $3 each
  6. TFS 3D ampoule hyaluronic acid mask $5 
  7. Daiso (4) Collagen mask $1.75
  8. Daiso (4) Q10 mask $1.75
  9. Daiso (2) BB face mask $1.75
  10. Daiso (2) hyaluronic acid mask $1.75
  11. Skinfood peach sake pore essence mask $6.50
  12. Skinfood Ice vita facial mist: I don't remember how much this was,but I'm sure it was over 20Dhs ($5.50)
They were having a sale at TFS buy 3 get 1 on masks and nail polish! so instead of paying $24 I paid $18 for 8 masks! The 3D mask wasn't part of the promo though.

(From top left-right,to bottom left-right)

  1. Kipling Japan key chain: I've been wanting this key chain for over a year,but couldn't bring my self to buy it for 170SR ($45) While I was at Dubai this was part of the clearance section so I got it for 35Dhs ($9.52)!! I originally wanted the one with South Korea,USA,or UK flag,but they didn't have them so I got the one with Japan's flag. (I'm such a bargain hunter)
  2. Claire's Hair bow $5
  3. Claire's Hair comb $5
  4. Bloomingdale's little neon bag key chain:It was around $4~$6 I got 3 one for myself and the other two for my cousins.
  5. Skull Bracelet: I don't know how much it was,because it was a gift from my cousin.
  6. TFS Blotting paper $6
  7. TFS Blemish Zero kit $19
  8. Clean&Clear advantage acne spot treatment $6
  9. (2) OPI nail polishes $13 each
  10. Mitchum power gel deo $6~$8
  11. Nivea natural fairness deo $4
  12. (2) VS Pink body sprays 
  13. VS pink body butter

I got all the 3 items from VS Pink for $45,because they had a promo 3 for $45

(From top left-right,to bottom left-right)

  1. Daiso Spray bottle $1.75
  2. Daiso nail polish remover or toner bottle with a bump! It's just like Etude House's Wonder Pore Freshener's bottle <3 $1.75
  3. Daiso Bottle $1.75
  4. Daiso Silicon Chocolate mold $1.75
  5. Daiso Glue Stick in Chocolate&Strawberry $1.75 Each
  6. Daiso My Melody blotting paper $1.75
  7. Daiso Pink Ribbon $1.75
  8. Daiso Foaming net set $1.75
  9. Daiso Eyelash curler $1.75
  10. The Face Shop Auto Gel Eyeliner in pencil form!! $15
  11. The Face Shop Nail Polishes: Buy 3 get 1 free $3.25 Each
 And the rest of the stuff were freebies from TFS !

and the last 2 items are fold able cardboard boxes from Daiso for $1.75 each

☆Hope you enjoyed my haul and enjoy the rest of you day☆
-X♡X♡, ريفان(Refan).


  1. Wow, what a great and massive haul. I really envy you :D

    1. I'm glad you liked it ! Yeah it took lots of saving to buy all that stuff !


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